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Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone game cheats for Game Boy

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Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone Cheat Codes (Game Boy)

Game Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone
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Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone Hints (Advices and helps)

    • Hints (Advices and helps)
    • Potion recipes:
      Makes Antidote  Collapsible Cauldron:
      1-Bezoar Stone, 2-Aconite, 3-BoomslangSkin
      Makes Wiggenweld Potion Collapsible Cauldron:
      1-Silver UnicornHorn, 2-Wolfsbane
      Makes Grand Wiggenweld Potion Silver Caudron: 
      1-Octopus Powder, 2-Silver Unicorn Horns, 3-Wolfsbane
      Makes Herbicide Copper Cauldron:
      1-Dried Nettles, 2-PorcupineQuills, 3-Snake Fangs
      Makes Pepper Up Copper Cauldron:
      1-Bicorn Horn, 2-MandrakeRoot
      Makes GrandPepper Up Brass Cauldron:
      1-Octopus Powder, 2-Bicorn Horn,3-MandrakeRoot
      Makes Vitamix Copper Cauldron:
      1-Wormwood, 2-Asphodel Root, 3-Monkshood 
      by unknown
      When going to Snape's Potions Class, note that
      the Weasley Twins are still in the Common Room.
      Press Start and walk to where they where 
      standing. Press A and you will be talking to 
      them, even though they are not there.
      by unknown
    • Hints (Advices and helps) #2
    • Defeat the troll
      Get close. When it raises its club, back off and hit
      it with the Flipendo spell. Then, knock it into the
      largest hole on the far left.
      by unknown
    • Hints (Advices and helps) #3
    • Card Decks:
      If you want all the card decks from the beginning
      of the game, you must defeat Voldemort 4 times.
      Better ending:
      Get all 15 chocolate frogs to get the last ending.
      House cup:
      Get at least 524 house points to win the house cup.
    • Hints (Advices and helps) #4
    • When you want to get into Hagrid's house from the
      forest you have to zap the spikey bush. Zap it 
      with Flipendo and the run away so the thorns don't
      hit you. The last time you zap it, the thorns go 
      really far so run far away. The the bush will be 
      by unknown
      When not in a battle, go to your folio triplicus 
      and select deflect. The eyes and everything will 
      apear and so will three clones of harry potter! 
      They'er all facing the oposite direction as you. 
      They will knock you out instantly but it was worth
      Submitted by www.ripp at smallbytes.net
      When Peeve sets the curse on you, go to the 
      fifth or sixth floor and go to the upper left
      door. Go through a TV and battle. Once you 
      win, you will get your present back.
    • Hints (Advices and helps) #5
    • After the challenges, you meet Quirrel in a room
      (he is actually the enemy). To defeat him, get 
      him to destroy the 4 large pillars in the room. 
      The best way is to stand behind them, wait until
      he shoots, then move behind the next one. When 
      they are all gone, you both will fall into a room
      with lots of rocks on the floor and the mirror in
      the middle. He will walk to the top of the room 
      and shoot at you. Use the mirror as a shield (it 
      bounces his shots back at him). After awhile he 
      will levitate rocks at you. Again, use the mirror
      as a shield. When he moves to the bottom of the 
      room, keep the mirror between you. Shoot the 
      mirror once with Flipendo and it will swing round
      and you can use it as a shield again. It will not
      be long before he is defeated.
      by unknown
    • Hints (Advices and helps) #6
    • Hermione teaches you the Alohamora Spell in the 
      common room after Quiddich practice. The spell 
      opens locked doors with pictures of stars on them. 
      Professor Quirrell teaches you the Flipendo spell
      in your first lesson.
      The Transfiguration Spell is taught in 
      transfiguration lesson. The spell gets rid of object
      (files of books etc.) that are put over switches by
      turning them into birds.
      The Flying spell allows you to move some stones and 
      The Lumos Spell Lights the area for a few minutes.

Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone Cheat-codes

    • Cheat-codes
    • Magic Emperor Ghaleon's Guide To:
           Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone on GBC
           Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone Technical Data
      Platform: Gameboy Color
      Genre: RPG
      Number of Players: 1
      Save Ram: Yes
      Cart Size: ?
      I: Legal Mumbo-Jumbo
      II: Intro
      III: Story
      IV: Controls
      V: Characters
      VII: In Closing
           Legal Mumbo-Jumbo
        This document is copyright 2002 by Magic Emperor Ghaleon. Do not use 
      it for any profitable purposes and don't alter it. If you want to post 
      this FAQ on your own webpage, you are free to do so as long as it 
      remains unaltered. If I find that someone has posted it on their webpage 
      and changed anything I will be forced to get very mad! However, I am 
      always glad to get help when writing an FAQ. Any suggestions will be 
      welcome. My address is ghaleon2001@hotmail.com. One note on E-mails. 
      Don't send me file attachments unless you explain what they are in the 
      message. And, most importantly, do not flame me for writing a review for 
      a game you like or don't like. A few days ago I got a very nasty E-mail 
      from a guy who was pissed because I didn't like Raiders of the Lost Ark 
      on the Atari and said so. If I write a bad review for a game you like or 
      a good review for a game you hate, don't flame me. It's perfectly all 
      right to express opinions, but do it in a good way. The git who flamed 
      me has since had his E-mail address banned from my account. Suffice it 
      to say, don't flame me unless you don't want to be able to contact me. 
      With the legal business out of the way, let's get onto the FAQ.
        Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone (Philosopher's Stone if you're 
      British), is based on the popular fantasy novel of the same name by J. 
      K. Rowling (it's actually pronounced Rolling), the first volume in the 
      Harry Potter series. Oh yeah, and did you know that the Philosopher's 
      Stone and Elixir of Life are two slang names for whisky? I am an avid 
      Potter fan, having read all four books and being eager for the fifth 
      novel, Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, to come out. I have 
      the PC, GBC and GBA versions of this game, though I like the GBC version 
      best. The music is very cool, even if it's not right out of the movie. 
      You might even hear some of these tunes in the PC and GBA versions of 
      this game. In fact you will. The title screen theme I know for sure is 
      featured in the GBA version. As for the battle system, it's a turn-based 
      battle system unlike the GBA and PC games. What's turn-based you ask? 
      Well, it just means that everyone takes turns attacking each other. You 
      make your selections from a menu, then battle is joined.
        The story of Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone (or Philosopher's 
      Stone if you're British), is like this. For almost twenty years the 
      secret community of witches and wizards in England has lived in fear, 
      for they are threatened by an evil wizard, Lord Voldemort. But one 
      night, Voldemort mysteriously disappears after attempting to kill a 
      small boy, Harry Potter. As nobody could find a better explanation for 
      Voldemort's strange disappearance, most people thought that something 
      about Harry had finished Voldemort off. Unfortunately, Voldemort 
      succeeded in killing Harry's parents. The small boy was sent to live 
      with his horrible aunt and uncle, the Dursleys, who had a small son 
      called Dudley. For eleven years, Harry lived without any idea that there 
      was a secret community of wizards and witches who all knew his name.
        The Dursleys did everything in their power to try to keep Harry from 
      discovering what he really was, but to no avail. For on Harry's eleventh 
      birthday, Rubeus Hagrid, Gamekeeper of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and 
      Wizardry, came to Harry and took him off to wizards' school. I recommend 
      reading the books if you haven't already read them. They're an excellent 
        A: Make selections on menus, talk to people and search for items.
      B: Cancel commands.
      D-Pad: Moves Harry or the cursor.
      Select: Not used.
      Start: Brings up menu screen.
        First off, let's acquaint ourselves with the characters.
      Harry Potter: He is the eleven-year-old hero of the wizarding world and 
      of our adventure. He is the only one you actually get to control.
      Ronald Weasley: Ron is Harry's red-haired best friend. He comes from a 
      poor family. Because of this, he is a little touchy about the fact that 
      Harry has considerably more money than he does, and doesn't like to 
      borrow money from people.
      Hermione Granger: Though something of a know-it-all, Hermione will prove 
      to be Harry and Ron's best friend. She might be able to help you out 
      with some of her knowledge of magic.
      Percy Weasley: Percy is Ron's eldest brother at Hogwarts. He is one of 
      the Prefects and is a great believer in rigidly following rules. Be 
      careful of him on your nighttime wanderings about Hogwarts.
      Fred and George Weasley: These two are Ron's older twin brothers. They 
      are practical jokers and play the position of Beater on the Gryffindor 
      house Quiddich team, although Quiddich doesn't even enter into this 
      Neville Longbottom: Neville is an extremely forgetful boy who has a 
      rather large number of magic related accidents. He is one of Harry's 
      Draco Malfoy: Draco is a wealthy Slytherine boy who has an unconcealed 
      contempt for those who are not in Slytherine, especially for Harry. His 
      father, Lucius, was one of Lord Voldemort's supporters.
      Vincent Crab: Crab is one of Malfoy's buddies. He exists only to do 
      Malfoy's bidding.
      Gregory Goyle: Goyle is Malfoy's other best..friend? Like Crab he is 
      extremely stupid.
      Rubeus Hagrid: Generally called Hagrid by his friends, this is the 
      Gamekeeper at Hogwarts. He's half human and half giant. He has a bit of 
      an intense liking for what most people would call dangerous monsters. 
      The more dangerous  (or potentially dangerous) the monster, the happier 
      he is.
      Professor Minerva McGonagall: Professor McGonagall is head of Gryffindor 
      house and also teaches Transfiguration. She is fair but very strict and 
      favors no students, particularly not those in her own house. Try to 
      avoid crossing her if you can.
      Professor Severus Snape: Snape is head of Slytherine house and generally 
      always favors them. He has an intense hatred for Harry. He teaches 
      Potions class. Definitely don't cross him.
      Professor Flitwic: This tiny little wizard teaches Charms class.
      Professor Sprout: Sprout, as her name implies, teaches Herbology. She 
      will teach you the Insendio spell.
      Professor Binns: Binns was very old indeed when he fell asleep in front 
      of the staff room fire and got up to teach the next morning, leaving his 
      body behind in an armchair. Yep, he's a ghost. He teaches what is easily 
      the most boring class, History of Magic.
      Professor Quirrel: Quirrel teaches Defense Against theDark Arts..or 
      tries to. He has a terrible stutter, and his lessons turned out to be a 
      bit of a joke. He has a secret...
      Albus Dumbledor: Dumbledor is the former Transfiguration teacher and 
      current Headmaster of Hogwarts.
      Peeves: Peeves is the castle's resident Poltergeist. He is almost always 
      very rude and unmanageable. Be careful of him.
      Sir Nicholas De Mimsy Porpington:More commonly known as Nearly Headless 
      Nick, he was the victim of a botched execution in 1492. His head wasn't 
      completely severed, hence the nickname Nearly Headless Nick. He is the 
      resident ghost of Gryffindor Tower, and is always happy to point new 
      Gryffindors in the right direction.
      Argus Filch: Named for the many-eyed monster of Greek Mythology, Argus 
      Filch is the bad tempered caretaker of Hogwarts. Be careful of him.
      Madam Hooch: This is the Quiddich teacher. She'll teach you to ride a 
      Madam Pince: Madam Pince is the school librarian. She is sometimes 
      described as looking like an irritable, underfed vulture.
      Lord Voldemort: Voldemort lost his physical body the night he tried to 
      kill Harry, but he still exists in spirit form and would like nothing 
      more than to take revenge on Harry.
      His true name is Tom Marvolo Riddle.
           Diagon Alley
      Harry's Level: 1
      v  The game starts off in Diagon Alley. Players who have read the book 
      will remember this part. Hagrid will enter Olivander's Wand shop, so 
      follow him. Talk to Mr. Olivander. You'll see a cutscene as Harry tries 
      out various wands with no results. Finally, on the third wand, Harry 
      finds the one for him. You'll receive your wand. It's eleven inches 
      long, made of holly and contains one feather from the tale of a phoenix. 
      Incidentally, Lord Voldemort's wand contains a feather from the same 
      Phoenix who supplied the core of your own wand. What happens when 
      brother wands meet in battle?.. You will already know two spells, 
      Flipendo Uno and Vermilious Uno.
        When you leave Olivander's, a man will stop you and ask you if you 
      need any Wizard Cards. Say yes. He'll then explain that if you have 
      cards you can learn card combinations which might be able to create new 
      magics. He'll give you a Folio Magi for storing your cards, and a Folio 
      Triplicus for storing combinations. He'll give you four cards and two 
      card combinations. When that's done you've got two choices. You can 
      either advance the story now by going to meet Hagrid in the Gringotz 
      lobby, or you can  go exploring. I recommend the latter, as exploring 
      will allow you to gain experience and money. Enter the alley between 
      Gringotz and Olivander's (Gringotz is the white marble building), and 
      you'll find some enemies. They're rats, so they're not hard to take out. 
      You can take them out the easiest way with one Vermilious Uno spell, but 
      as it only takes two Flipendo Uno spells to kill them, either way you've 
      got an easy fight. You can enter the alley and leave as many times as 
      you want. Note: Try to use both spells a lot. If you use a spell often 
      enough it'll gain a level. Try to get both your spells up to Duo before 
      entering Gringotz, and don't worry if you run out of HP. The game will 
      resume in the medical shop where you can heal for free. When you're 
      ready, head into Gringotz. Hagrid will be there, so follow him to your 
        The Gringotz dungeon is fairly easy. Just go up at every junction and 
      eventually you'll reach your vault. Before you can enter it however, you 
      must fight a boss.
           Boss: Giant Rat
        Just use Flipendo Duo or Vermilious Duo on the big guy. The small rats 
      are just there to get in your way.
        Once you win you'll get a Hardened Boot, so equip that. Then enter 
      your vault. Hagrid will only let you take out 800 sickles at a time 
      (what happened to the Knut and the Galleon?) but if you went and 
      explored like I suggested money should be the least of your worries, and 
      I would think 800 sickles would be more than enough for now.
        First off, let's use this money for school. I suggest you buy the 
      following: three sets of robes, school books, name tags, a hat and 
      cloak, a pair of gloves, a leather belt, a couple cauldrons and potion 
      ingredients. Don't try to buy a broomstick, you won't be allowed to. The 
      same goes for an owl. If you've got money left over buy some sweets and 
      some potions. They  might come in handy. Once that's done, speak to 
      Hagrid outside Gringotz to leave for the Hogwarts express. First, Hagrid 
      will give you your birthday present, Hedwig the owl.
        I need to stop the guide here, as I haven't gotten further than this 
      point yet. I know, I know! But I've been really busy lately. But rest 
      assured that I plan to update sometime, even if it's not very soon.
    • Cheat-codes #2
    • 10 extra lives:
      Press select, then press button 
      B, A, B, A, B, B, A, A.
      Submitted by Janus
      When you find an item in the bushes
      walk away from the bush about 15 paces.
      Then go back to it and press A and you
      will keep getting it. 
      Submitted by www.chapps at tpg.com.au
    • Cheat-codes #3
    • Game shark codes:
      Level 99 
      Max Exp. 
      Unlimited magic points 
      Unlimited sickles 
      Unlimited stamina points 
      Game shark codes (items):
      Pack Of Name Tags 
      Star Chart 
      School Supply List 
      Class List 
      Herb List 
      Broomstick Care Kit 
      Wiggenweld Potion 
      Grand Wiggenweld Potion 
      Herbicide Potion 
      Vitamix Potion 
      Pepper Up Potion 
      Grand Pepper Up Potion 
      Potion Kit Bag 
      Collapsible Cauldron 
      Copper Cauldron 
      Brass Cauldron 
      Silver Cauldron 
      Self-stirring Cauldron 
      School Books 
      Folio Triplicus 
      Folio Magi 
      Curse Book 
      Harry's Wand 
      Ordinary Broom 
      Comet 260 
      Shooting Star 
      Nimbus 2000 
      Asphodel Root 
      Dried Nettles 
      Mandrake Root 
      Boomslang Skin 
      Porcupine Quills 
      Octopus Powder 
      Beetles' Eyes 
      Bicorn Horn 
      Snake Fangs 
      Bezoar Stone 
      Silver Unicorn Horn 
      Pumpkin Pasties 
      Cauldron Cakes 
      Every Flavor Beans 
      Chocolate Frogs 
      Best Blowing Gun 
      Licorice Wands 
      Hedwig The Owl 
      Diagon Alley Pass 
      Purple Rabbit 
      A Chicken 
      Ostrich Feather 
      Holiday Popper 
      Daily Prophet 
      Old School Tie 
      Grow Your Own Warts Kit 
      50-Pence Piece 
      Luminous Balloons 
      Christmas Package 
      Hagid's Umbrella 
      Sorcerer's Stone 
      Flying Key 
      Healing Sparkle 
      Cloak Of Invisibility 
      Remember All 
      Ingredient Encyclopedia 
      Submitted by Jim

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