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Pokemon Blue game cheats for Game Boy

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Pokemon Blue Cheat Codes (Game Boy)

Game Pokemon Blue
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Pokemon Blue Hints (Advices and helps)

    • Hints (Advices and helps)
    • Fight over 100 level Pokemon:
      Easiest way to fight over 100 level pokemon is 
      to put a rare candy in your 6th item slot 
      and then talk to viridian coffe guy, say 
      you've got time, fly to Cinnibar Island then 
      surf on right side of gym. You will only 
      fight over level 100 pokemon. Works great 
      for my pokemon red! :)
      To catch pokemon higher than level 100 go to 
      the guy in viridian forest and talk to him. Say
      you are not busy then fly to cinnabar islands. 
      Surf half on water half on land. When you find a
      pokemon named missingo or 'm' DO NOT CAPTURE IT!run
      away from it and your sixth item will be doubled. 
      Keep surfing and you will find pokemon over level 
      100.i suggest on doubling your master ball the 
      pokemon over level 100 are very strong. Once you 
      catch one you can double your rare candies and make
      the pokemon go to lvel 255. If they go higher than
      level 255 they will go back to level 0. Put it in 
      your pc and wait a while. When you come back to 
      your pc it should remain permanantly at level 255.
      If you battle with it, it will go to level 100.
      Do not capture missingo or 'm' or it will screw up
      your game because missingo and 'm' are computer 
      glitches made when they were making the game. This 
      hint does not work on yellow version. When your 
      items get doubled you usually have 118 of that item.
      You can keep doubling it until your batteries run 
      out of power and it will only effect the music in 
      your hall of fame box on the pc. The music will be
      all screwed up and your pokemon will sound different.
      If you dont want your music to change let the hall 
      of fame run its course and themn go back to it. Your
      music should be back to its normal way.
      Submitted by david_forcemaster@hotmail.com
    • Hints (Advices and helps) #2
    • This is a way to get Mew:
      First play the game and beat the elite 4.Then after
      you have played 100 hours go to the place where the
      S.S.Anne used to be. Surf around their and you should
      find Mew with a bit of luck. 
      Remember that it says that the s.S.Anne comes every
      year. 100 hours is the same as 1 poke year.
      Submitted by OllieDunkley@aol.com
      Fill your pokedex and talk to the guy on the 
      3rd floor of who is not working on a computer 
      and he will give you Mew.
      Submitted by Yellerboy99@AOL.com
      Buy MAGIKARP at Mt. Moon and name it MYU. Put it 
      in the Day Care till it raises to level 50
      (about 50 hours). When you get MYU (MAGIKARP) it 
      will evolve in to MEW. You must hane all 150
      Pokemon and the Diploma.
      Submitted by swallace02@snet.net
    • Hints (Advices and helps) #3
    • How to get Kangaskhan without visiting safari zone: 
      First go to cinnebar island. Then fly to Viridian
      City. Talk to the man who teaches you to catch a 
      pokemon. Fly back to cinnebar and surf up and dowm
      the coast to the right.
      Surf until you find ~~'M~~ which is at level 0 and
      is easy to catch (important have an empty space in
      your party before catching, because if you try to 
      remove it from a box it will freeze your game!) 
      After you have caught it. Use Rare candy on it to 
      make it grow to level 1. It will evolve into a 
    • Hints (Advices and helps) #4
    • How to get 99 of the sixth ideam on your list: 
      1: First talk to the guy that tells you how to catch 
      2: If he says are your in a hurry say no! 
      3: Fly to cinnabar island and surf up and down the east
         cost where the land touches water. You will run in
         to missingno or "M" defight it and you look at the 
         sixth ideam and it should have a sign next to it 
         and you will have 99 or ifinite ideam! 
      PS: This code only works for red & blue!!!!
    • Hints (Advices and helps) #5
    • Free rare pokemon: 
      To get more of the rare pokemon Bulbasaur, Charmander,
      Squirtle, Hitmonlee, Hitmonchan, Omanyte and Kabuto; You
      need Pokemon Stadium for the N64. Every time you beat 
      the Elite Four and your rival you will be given one of 
      these pokemon for free. This way I hve completed my pokedex.
      Submitted by coolmartin13@hotmail.com
      If you are stuck in a cave use dig or teleport.
      Submitted by jobul at sigmaweb.net
    • Hints (Advices and helps) #6
    • Fly to the old man in viridian, say no, then fly to
      cinnabar island with 5 pokemon (not 6), catch the
      missingmo and give it some rare candy, it will 
      evolve into a kangkaskan
      Submitted by gally2323@netscape.net
    • Hints (Advices and helps) #7
    • Togepi:
      Catch a chansey in the safari zone and get 
      it up to level 100. Then give it a moon
      stone it will say it wont accept but do it
      a thousand times and you will get an egg.
      It is togepi!!!!
      by unknown
      Once you have got FLY and SURF, and got to 
      Cinnabar Island, fly to Viridian City and go
      to the man that offers to show you how to 
      catch pokemon. Ask him once and say 'yes'. 
      Then ask him again and say no. Directly after
      saying 'no', fly to Cinnabar Island, walk to 
      the East side and surf up and down the very 
      edge (half in half out the water). After a 
      couple of times, don't get frustrated, you 
      will be attack by Missingo or M, (levels range
      from 200 - 0). Make it faint or run from it. 
      Whatever item you had in 6th place will be 
      increased to about 129! 
      (HINT: Use the master ball here before cathing
      any '1 time only pokemon' for garrunteed 
      success! Or use the nugget for instant millions.
      Or on anything else to save a fortune!)
      Submitted by Y2J2KML at aol.com
    • Hints (Advices and helps) #8
    • If you look at the floors in Koga's Gym you will 
      notice it has lines. In some spots you will see 
      little gaps in the lines. These "gapped lines" 
      are the invisible walls. 
      by Pat
      Go get a rare candy and make it your 6th item. 
      Then talk to the coffee guy in Viridian and say 
      yes. Then fly to Cinnabar and surf on the right.
      You'll see Missingno. Either run or kill it and 
      look in your items.You should have a lot of rare
      P.S. When it goes to 9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1 the first
      time, keep using them. 
      Submitted by Gasolinealley7
    • Hints (Advices and helps) #9
    • Wild Charmelion or Squrtle: 
      Go to the Man in Viridian city and 
      say no. From there fly to cinnabar and 
      use a pokemon that knows surf and surf 
      on the east side of cinabar and surf up 
      and down on where it looks like your on 
      water and land at the same time.You will 
      find a charmelion or squrtle
      Submitted by Kalugyer@aol.com.
    • Hints (Advices and helps) #10
      Both players need to beet the game with all 
      150 pokemon for this code to work 
      1.Blue version needs to trade red version for
        a dratini . 
      2. The blue version then evolves the dratini into
         a dragonite and trades it back to red. The red
         version then goes to the basement of Unknown 
         Dungeons and surf close to where you find
         Mewtwo. Take a Firestone and use it on Dragonite.
         (NOTICE "Not Avalible" But still select it.) 
      3.The screen will glitch , and dragonite wil evolve
        into "Yoshi" 
      4. This pokemon wil still keep the stats of 
         dragonite , However in the stats screen, you'll have
         Yoshi's picture with the ID no.of 999
      Submitted by joncarey9@hotmail.com
    • Hints (Advices and helps) #11
    • Boss Tactics:
      Here are your best bets for beating the Pokemon
      Gym Leaders:
      Brock: Use water or grass Pokemon against this 
             rock trainer. 
      Misty: Use grass pokemon or electric to defeat this
             gym leader. 
      Leiutenant Surge: use a rock or ground pokemon and
             he's toast. 
      Erika: Use fire pokemon or flight against this 
             plant lover and shatter her dreams of 
             fighting you again. 
      Sabrina: Use bug or ghost against this psychomaniac
             and she is a goner. 
      Koga: This poison pokemon lover will be deafeted
             easily by using psy pokemon. 
      Blaine: This fire trainer will use fire pokemon
            against you so you can use water or ice. 
      Final boss: Giovanni, the team rocket leader, 
            is the final gym leader - use water, ice,
            plant and he's out of there
      In the Indigo Plateu you find 5 pokemon masters.
      Use this pokemon lineup for a better chance of success: 
          2.Water, Plant, Flight, Ice 
          4.Ice or Dragon 
          5.Your choice 
      Good Luck! 
      by Pokemon Master
    • Hints (Advices and helps) #12
    • There are lost coins at the Game Corner:
      To get them walk around behind the 
      seats pressing "a" you should find 
      120 coins in all.
      To increase chance of catching a pokemon: 
      To increase chance of catching a
      pokemon as the pokeball is in the air
      hold down up+b you must be fast or it
      wont work.
      How to collect all the pokemon fast and get a Mew: 
      The fastest way I know how to collect all pokemon and get a Mew is after you defeat Team Rocket in Saffron at Silph Co. The president will give you a Masterball. After you get it fly back to
      Viridian City and talk to the guy that had his coffee he will ask you if you are in a hurry, say no. 
      Then he will show you how to catch a pokemon. Then fly to Fuchsia City from there use the pokemon you applied the HM03 that you got from the hidden fort in the Safari Zone and surf to the Sea
      Foam Islands but dont go on the land surf 12 on land 12 water. After that you run into M or as called the Missing Number before you kill it go to items use select to make the Masterball your 6th
      item then kill it. Go back to items it should say you have 9 Masterballs you have more than nine you just need run out of those and nine more will apear and so on. Then go to your pokedex start
      from the first one to the last one. The ones you dont get on your virsion trade with your friends who have the other virsions until you have all 150 pokemon than Celadon City. Then go to into the
      Celadon Mansion walk to the Game FREAK Development room. After you get there go to the guy in the front that is not on the computer! He will give you a Mew! 
      HOW TO BEAT THE Elite four FAST! 
      This is how to beat the Elite four fast. First go get a rare candy from Mt Moon. Next go to
      Viridian City talk to the guy who had his coffee he will ask you if your in a hurry say no
      then he will show you how to catch a pokemon. Now fly to Fuchsia City put the rare cany
      in the 6th place in your items place. Then take route19 to Sea Foam islans but when you
      get there swim on half land half ocean. You will run into a Missing Number do not capture
      it kill it then look in your items you should have 99 rare candys. Use the rare candys on
      your pokemon to make them stronger. After you do that stay swimming half land half
      ocean and you will run into a lot of level 100 and level 230 pokemon I recomend you catch
      a couple they will help you swing by Cinnabar Island's pokemart and pick up some hyper
      potion and your set to go! 
      Efective pokemon matching: 
      1.normal vs.nothing 
      2.fire vs.plant, bug, plant poison, plant
      phychic, bug flying, bug plant, bug poison, ice
      3.water vs.ground, rock, fire, rock flying,
      rock ground, poison ground. 
      4.plant vs.ground, water, rock ground, rock
      water, water ice, water fighting, water
      phychic, ice flying. 
      5.electric vs.water, normal flying, fire flying,
      rock water, bug flying, poison flying, water
      ice, water poison, water phychic, ice flying. 
      6.rock vs.fire, bug, normal flying, fire flying,
      bug flying, bug plant, bug poison, poison
      flying, electric, electric flying, dragon flying. 
      7.ground vs.fire, electric, poison, ghost,
      poison ground. 
      8.fighting vs.normal, rock ground, rock water,
      water ice. 
      9.bug vs.plant, phychic, plant phychic. 
      10.poison vs.bug, plant, plant phychic, bug
      plant, bug flying. 
      11.flying vs. plant, fighting, bug, plant
      phychic, plant poison, bug poison, bug flying,
      bug plant, water fighting. 
      12.phychic vs.fighting, poison, plant poison,
      poison ground, poison flying, ghost poison,
      water fighting, water poison. 
      13.ghost vs.plant phychic, water, fighting,
      Submitted by RDENTINO@AOL.COM
    • Hints (Advices and helps) #13
    • Get all of the eevees, then go to bill's house and
      he will say "those are my favorite pokemon" and
      then he will let you in his garden where you will 
      find a mew,pikablu,and togepie.
    • Hints (Advices and helps) #14
    • Buy a Pokedoll in Celadon Mart, then FLY to Saffron
      and talk to the Copycat. She will give you the 
      Mimic TM. 
      by unknown
      After you talk to the grouchy man that shows you 
      how to cach pok'mon say yes to his? Then fly to 
      sinibar island. Surf on the right side and if you 
      do it alot you shuold find blane with a pokemon 
      witch it's name starts with a m. he'll give you 
      money too!
      Submitted by bajar5msn.com
      Get the Magicarp from Mt.Moon's pokemon center.
      Put it in the daycare center until it reaches 
      level 50. It will have evolved in to a Mew.
      Submitted by LAINY6 at genie.co.uk
      Get a nugget and put it in 6th place in your 
      item holder, then fly to Viridian city and talk
      to the old man and say yes and wach him catch a
      weedle. Then fly to Cinnabar Island and surf in
      the water beside the market for a couple of 
      minutes. Your screen shal flash just like a 
      pokemon battle, then it shall go black for 10 
      seconds. Run or fight Missingno (DOIN'T CATCH IT).
      After you have got away from it you shal have 112
      nuggets. Then fly to Celadon city and go the 
      market and sell all your nuggets. Then go to the 
      game corner and swap your money for coins. Go 
      next door and get Porygon.
      Submitted by tobyplayfair at hotmail.com
    • Hints (Advices and helps) #15
    • The Ultimate Pokemon:
      Get all 3 of starting pokemon, then evovle them to
      there final form and go to proffeser oak. He will
      give you a pikachu. Use the pikachu and grow it to 
      level 25, then eveovle it with a thunder stone. Grow
      that to level 30 then use another thunder stone then
      it will turn into a supershocker!!!
      (The ultimate pokemon).
      Submitted by corvetty96@aol.com
    • Hints (Advices and helps) #16
    • YOSHI
      Submitted by NEWBRYL@AOL.COM
    • Hints (Advices and helps) #17
    • You have to have fly, surf, and the item
      in the 6th place in order for this to
      You have to First talk to the old
      man in Viridian City and then you fly to
      Cinnabar Island. Go on the right side of
      the Gym, where land and water meet,
      and surf up and down until you find
      Missingno and run and you should have
      a weird sign in front of a number. If you
      find a rare candy the sign changes into a
      number. Also you can catch a level
      100+ pokemon but it may tamper with
      your game also, catch Missingno at your
      own risk it may tamper with your games
      as well and if you catch a Missingno and
      give it a rare candy, it will turn into a
      kangaskhan. (I have never tried this out
      but this is just a guess) you might be
      able to get all 3 starting pokemon if you
      get one and trade it to another game pak
      and then go back to Prof. Oak and get
      another pokemon and do the same thing.
      But remember I am guessing.
      Submitted by Ju men pu@aol.com
      (If anyone knows how to get pokemon higher 
      than 100 email me).
    • Hints (Advices and helps) #18
    • How to fish on land: 
      Go to giovannies gym and go to the 
      statue and use a rod and now you can
      fish. Also you can surf.
      Submitted by blingblingj54348
      If you ever want to explore the area 
      where the S.S.Anne is, then take weak
      pokemon on the ship the first time you
      go on. Or, just make sure you "run out
      of useable pokemon". This will send you
      to the nearest pokemon center. After 
      that you can enter the S.S.Anne area, 
      and surf around there.
      Submitted by mathwiz89 at Yahoo.com

Pokemon Blue Solutions

Pokemon Blue Cheat-codes

    • Cheat-codes
    • While fighting, select your desired attack. When
      it says you are going to use that attack 
      eg. "Venusaur used Razor Leaf"), hold down the A
      button until your opponent's life stops draining.
      If your timing was right you'll do more damage
      than usual. 
      by Infected Elf
    • Cheat-codes #2
    • Unlimited of any item! 
      Once you get to Cinnabar Island, fly to Veridian City and talk to the 
      man who shows you how catch pokemon. Then fly back to Cinnabar island 
      and surf up and down the right side of the island (half land/half 
      water). Put the item you want unlimited in the sixth position. Then 
      when you are surfing up and down the side of the island you will fight 
      pokemon over level 100. Every once in a while you will find a pokemon 
      called Missingno or 'M. When you find them just run away and the sixth 
      item in your list will have a funky sign in front of it meaning it is 
      temporarily unlimited. You can do this as many times as you want! 
      Catch Pokemon over L:100 
      Once you have gotten to Cinnabar island, fly to Varidian City and talk 
      to the old man who shows you how to catch pokemon. Get him to catch a 
      weedle and then fly back to Cinnabar Island. Surf up and down the right 
      coast (half land/half water) and you will fight land pokemon. Each 
      game cartrage differs between pokemon but you will find some over 
      L:100. The only real way you can use them is if you fight other people 
      via game link or else they go back to L:100. 
      Infinite HP Temporarily 
      Copy the "Catch pokemon over L:100" cheat. When you have that pokemon 
      use the "Infinite Item" cheat and get infinite rare candy. Raise the 
      pokemon over L:100 to L:255 (any higher he will go bak down to L:0). 
      Then deposite that pokemon into Bill's PC. Then take him out again and 
      his level will be between 130 - 150 or so but, his useable HP be more 
      than his MAX HP. When you use rare candies on that pokemon evetually 
      the useable HP will go more then 999 and a funky sign will appear in 
      front of the numbers and the will only be two digits. Then when you 
      fight someone via game link you will temporarily have infinite HP! 
      Duplicate Pokemon 
      This cheat allows you to duplicate a pokemon. Before you trade make 
      sure the pokemon you are trading doesn't have an HM because when you 
      perform the cheat the pokemon with the HM may screw up your ROM. Also 
      this code works with both American versions. 
      1) Have one game select a powerful pokemon 
      2) Have the other game select a weak pokemon 
      3) Have the start to trade 
      4) When it first says waiting have the game with the powerful pokemon 
      shut off their game 
      5) Then have the other game shut off their game 
      6) The weak pokemon will be eraced and the strong pokemon will be on 
      both games 
      You must have both versions of pokemon to work this code, each game 
      must already have at least 150 pokemon and a firestone. 
      1) Have the red version of pokemon get a Dratini and trade it to a blue 
      pokemon game 
      2) Then on the blue game evolve the Dratini to a Dragonite 
      3) Then have the blue version trade the Dragonite back to the red 
      version of pokemon 
      4) On the red version game go to the unknown dungeon and surf where you 
      got Mewtwo 
      5) Use a firestone on the Dragonite and it will evolve into Yoshi 
      When you try to use the firestone it will say that it is not compatible 
      but it is. 
      Phantom PC 
      Go to Celadon City and go to the Hotel. Then go right, all the way the 
      wall then go to the middle square and face up like you were in a poke 
      center and you were logging onto the PC then press "a" and it will say 
      "Ash(or the name you chose) turned on PC". Also you can access 
      everything like it was a real PC. It's basically an invisible PC. 
      Fish in Gym 
      Go to any pokemon gym and walk up to a statue. Face up and use any of 
      the rods. Each gym has different pokemon so you try them all. 
      Man on Top of The Building 
      Fly to Cinnabar Island. Go to the right all the way to the coast. Surf 
      out a little bit off the coast 1X1 block and then surf up to where the 
      Pokemon Gym starts and surf left towards to island, walk left from the 
      right coast towards the front of the gym if you don't have the key it 
      will say the door is looked and in the upper left corner an old man 
      will be there once you walk away from the door the man goes back on the 
      ground. (Works if you have the secret key or not) 
      1. Get a Golem at level 100. 
      2. Give him a Moon Stone. 
      3. Teach him these moves in order: Strength, Dig, Sesmic Toss, and Fissure. Top
      to bottem. 
      4. Go to the SS.Anne and go to where the truck is off to the left hand side. Use
      Stregth in front of it, it will fall into th water. 
      5. Then there will be steps over there walk into them, you will be telaported to
      the Silph. Co. pond, and in there you will find Pikablu level 0, Blastoise level 0,
      Mewthree level 0. When you catch it, use an escape rope and get out and there
      you have it.
      Submitted by daniel85224@yahoo.com
    • Cheat-codes #3
    • To get 99 of any item: 
      First put the item you want to multiply in the sixth
      item slot. Now use FLY and go to Viridian City. Talk
      to the old man almost all the way north of the town. 
      When he asks if you are in a hurry, say no and watch
      him catch a weedle.
      Right after that, fly to Fuchsia city. Make your 
      way south and, when you you reach the water's edge,
      use SURF and make your way to Seafoam island.
      When you get to seafoam island, swim up and down
      the beach until you run into a Pokemon called "M"
      (a glitch like Missingno.) Once you see him, kill
      him or run away. DO NOT CATCH HIM! After that, you
      should have 99 of your sixth item! 
      by Brian K and Ashley Brown
      Get 99 of every item:
      Go to celedon city and talk to old man say no. Fly
      to cinabar island. Go right and surf up and down 
      till you get challenged by missingno. Run or cath
      him by putting him to sleep then use pokeball then
      check your item box. If there is a x9 it worked,
      u will get 99 of every item.
      Submitted by d_conrath@yahoo.com
      How to get 99 of an item:
      Go to the guy who shows you how to catch a WEEDLE.
      He will ask you if you are in a hurry. Make sure
      you say no. Watch him catch WEEDLE. Put the item
      you want 99 of in slot six. After that use FLY
      and go to FUSHIA. Surf at the cost of seafoam. 
      But do not get off. Soon you will run into a 
      POKE'MON that looks like MISSINGO called M. But 
      do not catch it! Defeat it or run away. Then if
      you did it right, you should have 99 of the item
      you chose.
      Submitted by Kyrsten3000@aol.com
      How to get 129 of an item (duplicate items):
      First you put whatever you want duplicated in the
      sixth item slot, then you fly to viridian city and
      talk to the man who asks if you are in a hurry, 
      say no he explains how to cetch pokemon. Then after
      you talk to him fly to fuscia city and go straight
      down until you hit the waters edge. Then surf on 
      the edge of the water until you get to cinnibar 
      island. Then where it looks like you are half on 
      land and half in the water keep surfing up and down
      until you run into a pokemon called missingno, then
      when you check your item slots there should be 
      anumber with a symbol beside it and you have
      129 of that item. You can keep repeating this trick.
      Submitted by RobbieT 00@aol.com
    • Cheat-codes #4
    • To easily gain experience, simply switch the 
      Pokmon you want to train with the top Pokmon on 
      your list. When you go into battle the Pokmon 
      will pop out. You can then switch to another 
      Pokmon. Once you win the battle the beginning 
      Pokmon and the fighting Pokmon will both gain
      experience points. 
      by Brian Conrad
    • Cheat-codes #5
    • Game Shark Codes:
      With a Gameshark!>Item Codes/Modifiers 
      Pokemart Slot 
      Slot 1 01xx7CCF 
      Slot 2 01xx7DCF 
      Slot 3 01xx7ECF 
      Slot 4 01xx7FCF 
      Item Number Modifier 01xx1DD3 
      Item Modifier 1st Position 01xx1ED3 
      Item Modifier 2nd Position 01xx20D3 
      Item Modifier 3rd Position 01xx22D3 
      Item Modifier 4th Position 01xx24D3 
      Item Modifier 5th Position 01xx26D3 
      01 Master Ball 
      02 Ultra Ball 
      03 Great Ball 
      04 Pok Ball 
      05 Town Map 
      06 Bicycle 
      07 Surf Without Pokmon 
      08 Safari Ball 
      09 Pok-Dex 
      0A Moon Stone 
      0B Antidote 
      0C Burn Heal 
      0D Ice Heal 
      0E Awakening 
      0F Parlyz Heal 
      10 Full Restore 
      11 Max Potion 
      12 Hyper Potion 
      13 Super Potion 
      14 Potion 
      15 Boulder Badge 
      16 Cacade Badge 
      17 Thunder Badge 
      18 Rainbow Badge 
      19 Soul Badge 
      1A Marsh Badge 
      1B Volcano Badge 
      1C Earth Badge 
      1D Escape Rope 
      1E Repel 
      1F Old Amber 
      20 Fire Stone 
      21 Thunder Stone 
      22 Water Stone 
      23 HP Up 
      24 Protein 
      25 Iron 
      26 Carbos 
      27 Calcium 
      28 Rare Candy 
      29 Dome Fossil 
      2A Helix Fossil 
      2B Secret Key 
      2C ????? 
      2D Bike Voucher 
      2E X Accuracy 
      2F Leaf Stone 
      30 Card Key 
      31 Nugget 
      32 PP Up 
      33 Pok Doll 
      34 Full Heal 
      35 Revive 
      36 Max Revive 
      37 Grand Special 
      38 Super Repel 
      39 Max Repel 
      3A Dire Hit 
      3B Coin 
      3C Fresh Water 
      3D Soda Pop 
      3E Lemonade 
      3F S.S. Ticket 
      40 Gold Teeth 
      41 X Attack 
      42 X Defend 
      43 X Speed 
      44 X Special 
      45 Coin Case 
      46 Oak's Parcel 
      47 Item Finder 
      48 Silph Scope 
      49 Pok Flute 
      4A Lift Key 
      4B Exp. All 
      4C Old Rod 
      4D Good Rod 
      4E Super Rod 
      4F PP Up 
      50 Ether 
      51 Max Ether 
      52 Elixer 
      53 Max Elixer 
      Pokemon Statistics Midifiers 
      Fill the xx with any desired number. 
      Hit Points (1st Pokemon) 01xx6CD1 
      Hit Points (2nd Pokemon) 01xx98D1 
      Hit Points (3rd Pokemon) 01xxC4D1 
      Hit Points (4th Pokemon) 01xxF0D1 
      Hit Points (5th Pokemon) 01xx1CD2 
      Hit Points (6th Pokemon) 01xx48D2 
      First Ability PP (1st Pokemon) 01xx88D1 
      First Ability PP (2nd Pokemon) 01xxB4D1 
      First Ability PP (3rd Pokemon) 01xxE0D1 
      First Ability PP (4th Pokemon) 01xx0CD2 
      First Ability PP (5th Pokemon) 01xx38D2 
      First Ability PP (6th Pokemon) 01xx64D2 
      Second Ability PP (1stPokemon) 01xx89D1 
      Second Ability PP (2nd Pokemon) 01xxB5D1 
      Second Ability PP (3rd Pokemon) 01xxE1D1 
      Second Ability PP (4th Pokemon) 01xx0DD2 
      Second Ability PP (5th Pokemon) 01xx39D2 
      Second Ability PP (6thPokemon) 01xx65D2 
      Third Ability PP (1st Pokemon) 01xx8AD1 
      Third Ability PP (2nd Pokemon) 01xxB6D1 
      Third Ability PP (3rd Pokemon) 01xxE2D1 
      Third Ability PP (4th Pokemon) 01xx0ED2 
      Third Ability PP (5th Pokemon) 01xx3AD2 
      Third Ability PP (6th Pokemon) 01xx66D2 
      Fourth Ability PP (1st Pokemon) 01xx8BD1 
      Fourth Ability PP (2nd Pokemon) 01xxB7D1 
      Fourth Ability PP (3rd Pokemon) 01xxE3D1 
      Fourth Ability PP (4th Pokemon) 01xx0FD2 
      Fourth Ability PP (5th Pokemon) 01xx3BD2 
      Fourth Ability PP (6th Pokemon) 01xx67D2 
      Level (1st Pokemon) 01xx8CD1 
      Level (2nd Pokemon) 01xxB8D1 
      Level (3rd Pokemon) 01xxE4D1 
      Level (4th Pokemon) 01xx10D2 
      Level (5th Pokemon) 01xx3CD2 
      Level (6th Pokemon) 01xx68D2 
      Max HP (1st Pokemon) 01xx8DD1 
      Max HP (2nd Pokemon) 01xxB9D1 
      Max HP (3rd Pokemon) 01xxE5D1 
      Max HP (4th Pokemon) 01xx11D2 
      Max HP (5th Pokemon) 01xx?3DD2 
      Max HP (6th Pokemon) 01xx69D2 
      Attack (1st Pokemon) 01xx8FD1 
      Attack (2nd Pokemon) 01xxBBD1 
      Attack (3rd Pokemon) 01xxE7D1 
      Attack (4th Pokemon) 01xx13D2 
      Attack (5th Pokemon) 01xx3FD2 
      Attack (6th Pokemon) 01xx6BD2 
      Defense (1st Pokemon) 01xx91D1 
      Defense (2nd Pokemon) 01xxBDD1 
      Defense (3rd Pokemon) 01xxE8D1 
      Defense (4th Pokemon) 01xx15D2 
      Defense (5th Pokemon) 01xx41D2 
      Defense (6th Pokemon) 01xx6DD2 
      Speed (1st Pokemon) 01xx93D1 
      Speed (2nd Pokemon) 01xxBFD1 
      Speed (3rd Pokemon) 01xxEBD1 
      Speed (4th Pokemon) 01xx17D2 
      Speed (5th Pokemon) 01xx43D2 
      Speed (6th Pokemon) 01xx6FD2 
      Special (1st Pokemon) 01xx95D1 
      Special (2nd Pokemon) 01xxC1D1 
      Special (3rd Pokemon) 01xxEDD1 
      Special (4th Pokemon) 01xx19D2 
      Special (5th Pokemon) 01xx45D2 
      Special(6th Pokemon) 01xx71D2 
      Ability/Move Modifiers 
      Replace xx with the number of the Ability/Skill. 
      First Ability (1st Pokemon) 01xx73D1 
      First Ability (2nd Pokemon) 01xx9FD1 
      First Ability (3rd Pokemon) 01xxCBD1 
      First Ability (4th Pokemon) 01xxF7D1 
      First Ability (5th Pokemon) 01xx23D2 
      First Ability (6th Pokemon) 01xx4FD2 
      Second Ability (1st Pokemon) 01xx74D1 
      Second Ability (2nd Pokemon) 01xxA0D1 
      Second Ability (3rd Pokemon) 01xxCCD1 
      Second Ability (4th Pokemon) 01xxF8D1 
      Second Ability (5th Pokemon) 01xx24D2 
      Second Ability (6th Pokemon) 01xx50D2 
      Third Ability (1st Pokemon) 01xx75D1 
      Third Ability (2nd Pokemon) 01xxA1D1 
      Third Ability (3rd Pokemon) 01xxCDD1 
      Third Ability (4th Pokemon) 01xxF9D1 
      Third Ability (5th Pokemon) 01xx25D2 
      Third Ability (6th Pokemon) 01xx51D2 
      Fourth Ability (1st Pokemon) 01xx76D1 
      Fourth Ability (2nd Pokemon) 01xxA2D1 
      Fourth Ability (3rd Pokemon) 01xxCED1 
      Fourth Ability (4th Pokemon) 01xxFAD1 
      Fourth Ability (5th Pokemon) 01xx26D2 
      Fourth Ability (6th Pokemon) 01xx52D2 
      01 Pound 
      02 Karate Chop 
      03 Double Slap 
      04 Comet Punch 
      05 Mega Punch 
      06 Payday 
      07 Fire Punch 
      08 Ice Punch 
      09 Thunder Punch 
      0A Scratch 
      0B Vice Grip 
      0C Guillotine 
      0D Razor Wind 
      0E Swords Dance 
      0F Cut 
      10 Gust 
      11 Wing Attack 
      12 Whirlwind 
      13 Fly 
      14 Bind 
      15 Slam 
      16 Vine Whip 
      17 Stomp 
      18 Double Kick 
      19 Mega Kick 
      1A Jump Kick 
      1B Rolling Kick 
      1C Sand Attack 
      1D Headbutt 
      1E Horn Attack 
      1F Fury Attack 
      20 Horn Drill 
      21 Tackle 
      22 Body Slam 
      23 Wrap 
      24 Take Down 
      25 Thrash 
      26 Double Edge 
      27 Tail Whip 
      28 Poison Sting 
      29 Twin Needle 
      2A Pin Missile 
      2B Leer 
      2C Bite 
      2D Growl 
      2E Roar 
      2F Sing 
      30 Supersonic 
      31 Sonic Boom 
      32 Disable 
      33 Acid 
      34 Ember 
      35 Flamethrower 
      36 Mist 
      37 Water Gun 
      38 Hydro Pump 
      39 Surf 
      3A Ice Beam 
      3B Blizzard 
      3C Psybeam 
      3D Bubblebeam 
      3E Aurora Beam 
      3F Hyper Beam 
      40 Peck 
      41 Drill Peck 
      42 Submission 
      43 Low Kick 
      44 Counter 
      45 Seismic Toss 
      46 Strength 
      47 Absorb 
      48 Mega Drain 
      49 Leech Seed 
      4A Growth 
      4B Razor Leaf 
      4C Solar Beam 
      4D Poisonpowder 
      4E Stun Spore 
      4F Sleep Powder 
      50 Petal Dance 
      51 String Shot 
      52 Dragon Rage 
      53 Fire Spin 
      54 Thundershock 
      55 Thunderbolt 
      56 Thunder Wave 
      57 Thunder 
      58 Rock Throw 
      59 Earthquake 
      5A Fissure 
      5B Dig 
      5C Toxic 
      5D Confusion 
      5E Psychic 
      5F Hypnosis 
      60 Meditate 
      61 Agility 
      62 Quick Attack 
      63 Rage 
      64 Teleport 
      65 Night Shade 
      66 Mimic 
      67 Screech 
      68 Double Team 
      69 Recover 
      6A Harden 
      6B Minimize 
      6C Smoke Screen 
      6D Confuse Ray 
      6E Withdraw 
      6F Defense Curl 
      70 Barrier 
      71 Light Screen 
      72 Haze 
      73 Reflect 
      74 Focus Energy 
      75 Hide 
      76 Metronome 
      77 Mirror Move 
      78 Selfdestruct 
      79 Egg Bomb 
      7A Lick 
      7B Smog 
      7C Sludge 
      7D Bone Club 
      7E Fire Blast 
      7F Waterfall 
      80 Clamp 
      81 Swift 
      82 Skull Bash 
      83 Spike Cannon 
      84 Constrict 
      85 Amnesia 
      86 Kinesis 
      87 Softboiled 
      88 Hi Jump Kick 
      89 Glare 
      8A Dream Eater 
      8B Poison Gas 
      8C Barrage 
      8D Leech Life 
      8E Lovely Kiss 
      8F Sky Attack 
      90 Transform 
      91 Bubble 
      92 Dizzy Punch 
      93 Spore 
      94 Flash 
      95 Psywave 
      96 Splash 
      97 Acid Armor 
      98 Crabhammer 
      99 Exposion 
      9A Fury Swipes 
      9B Bonemerang 
      9C Rest 
      9D Rock Slide 
      9E Hyper Fang 
      9F Sharpen 
      A0 Conversion 
      A1 Tri Attack 
      A2 Super Fang 
      A3 Slash 
      A4 Substitute 
      A5 Struggle 
      To catch any pokemon 
      99 Bulbasaur 
      09 Ivysaur 
      9A Venusaur 
      B0 Charmander 
      B2 Charmeleon 
      B4 Charizard 
      B1 Squirtle 
      B3 Wartortle 
      1C Blastoise 
      7B Caterpie 
      7C Metapod 
      7D Butterfree 
      70 Weedle 
      71 Kukuna 
      7D Beedrill 
      24 Pidgey 
      96 Pedgeotto 
      97 Pidgeot 
      45 Rattata 
      A6 Raticate 
      05 Spearow 
      23 Fearow 
      6C Ekans 
      2D Arbok 
      54 Pikachu 
      55 Raichu 
      60 Sandshrew 
      61 Sandslash 
      0F Nidoran(female) 
      A8 Nidorina 
      10 Nidoqueen 
      03 Nidoran(male) 
      A7 Nidorino 
      07 Nidoking 
      04 Clefairy 
      8E Clafable 
      52 Vulpix 
      53 Ninetales 
      64 Jigglypuff 
      65 Wigglytuff 
      6B Zubat 
      82 Golbat 
      B9 Oddish 
      BA Gloom 
      BB Vileplume 
      6D Paras 
      2E Parasect 
      41 Venonat 
      77 Venomoth 
      3B Diglett 
      76 Dugtrio 
      4D Meowth 
      90 Persian 
      3F Psyduck 
      80 Golduck 
      39 Mankey 
      75 Primape 
      21 Growlithe 
      14 Arcanine 
      47 Poliwag 
      6E Poliwhirl 
      6F Poliwrath 
      94 Abra 
      26 Kadabra 
      95 Alakazam 
      6A Machop 
      29 Machoke 
      7E Machamp 
      BC Bellsprout 
      BD Weepinbell 
      BE Victreebel 
      18 Tentacool 
      9B Tentacruel 
      A9 Geodude 
      27 Graveler 
      31 Golem 
      A3 Ponyta 
      A4 Rapidash 
      25 Slowpoke 
      08 Slowbro 
      AD Magnemite 
      36 Magneton 
      40 Farfetch'd 
      46 Doduo 
      74 Dodrio 
      3A Seel 
      78 Dewgong 
      0D Grimer 
      88 Muk 
      17 Shellder 
      8B Cloyster 
      19 Gastly 93 
      0E Gengar 
      22 Onix 
      30 Drowzee 
      81 Hypno 
      4E Krabby 
      8A Kingler 
      06 Voltorb 
      8D Electrode 
      0C Exeggcute 
      0A Exeggutor 
      11 Cubone 
      91 Marowak 
      2B Hitmonlee 
      2C Hitmonchan 
      0B Lickitung 
      37 Koffing 
      8F Weezing 
      12 Rhyhorn 
      01 Rhydon 
      28 Chancey 
      1E Tangela 
      02 Kangaskhan 
      5C Horsea 
      5D Seadra 
      9D Goldeen 
      9E Seaking 
      1B Staryu 
      98 Starmie 
      2A Mr. Mime 
      1A Scyther 
      48 Jynx 
      35 Electabuzz 
      33 Magmar 
      1D Pinser 
      3C Tauros 
      85 Magikarp 
      16 Gyarados 
      13 Lapras 
      4C Ditto 
      66 Eevee 
      69 Vaporeon 
      68 Jolteon 
      67 Flareon 
      AA Porygon 
      62 Omanite 
      63 Omastar 
      5A Kabuto 
      5B Kabutops 
      AB Aerodactyl 
      84 Snorlax 
      4A Articuno 
      4B Zapdos 
      49 Moltres 
      58 Dratini 
      59 Dragonair 
      42 Dragonite 
      83 Mewtwo 
      15 Mew 
      B6(there are others though) Missingno. 
      Put the pokemon to evolve from in the first slot. Save. Put the code in and turn
      the gameshark on. Save with gameshark on. Go to nickname changer and change
      name to pokegod's name. Save. Take code out. Got Pokegod. There will be no
      picture for the Pokegod. The number will change and there will be data for it. 
      Pikablu- 01E764D1 (Evolved from Raichu) 
      Locustod- 01E464D1 (Evolved from Butterfree) 
      Rainer- 01C164D1 (Evolved form Blastoise) 
      Psybur- 01F264D1 (Evovled from Golduck) 
      Psybird- 01E164D1 (Maybe Evolved from Psybur) 
      Spooky- 01F164D1 (Evolved from Gengar) 
      Raticlaw- 01ED64D1 (Evolved from Raticate) 
      POKeMANIAC- 01C264D1 (The Trainer) 
      Sapusaur- 01E364D1 (Evolved from Venusaur) 
      Charcolt- 01E264D1 (Evolved from Charizard) 
      Charzilla (Put a charzard in 3rd)-017fcbd1+0135ccd1+013acdd1+014bced1 
      Flareath (Put a flareon in 4th)-017ff7d1+0135f8d1+0138f9d1+0153fad1 
      GenGara(evolves from gengar)-03C3D8CF 
      Ghost(you have to have every ghost with you in thisorder
      Omnamist (Put a Omnastar in 6th
      Venatoise (Put a venasuar in 2nd
      Pikamew (Put a pikachu in 3rd)-015ecbd1+0186ccd1+0155cdd1+0157ced1 
      Dream Master (Put a hypno in 4th)-0141f7d1+018ef8d1+015ff9d1+014ffad1 
      Weeption (Put a Jolteon in 5th)015523d2+014b24d2+015025d2+017526d2 
      Hitmongar (Hitmonchan in last)-01654fd2+010850d2+010951d2+016d52d2 
      Charmewsquirasuar (Put your starting pokemon in
      Houou 01F464D1 
      Heres a code my Friend gave me it is for getting Mew :0115D8CF
      Submitted by daniel85224@yahoo.com
    • Cheat-codes #6
    • Change the background music/get infinite items. 
      The background music on the game can get pretty boring after a while. To be able to do this trick,
      you must already have beat the Elite Four and have Pokemon in the Hall of Fame. If you want to
      change it, do the following steps: 
      1. Go to Viridian City 
      2. Select an item that you want an infinite number of on your item list, and put it in the sixth slot. 
      3. Talk to the old man, and let him show you how to catch a Pokemon. 
      4. Immeaditly after that, FLY to Cinnabar Island. 
      5. Surf up and down the right coast. You may encounter level 100+ Pokemon, and I advise running
      away from them because they are extremely powerful. 
      6. Continue surfing until you run into a scrambled up Pokemon. It is called "Missing No. or "M
      Block". It is number zero. 
      7. Right when you encounter Missing No. run away as fast as you can. Do not catch it because it
      is said to screw up your game. 
      8. Surf back to land, and check your item list. You should see a funny symbol right next to the
      number of your sixth item. That means that you have an infinite number of that item. 
      9. One thing you can with all of your items is to sell them, and make lots of money. If you have to,
      you can also go back again and do the trick to get more items. 
      10. To change the background music of the game, go to any Pokemon Center. You would of have
      to already encounter Missing No. 
      11. Go up to the PC, and access the hall of fame. 
      12. Your Pokemon's picture along with the music will be scrambeled up. I would not advise to do
      this whole trick if you do not want to permantely damage your Hall of Fame. 
      13. Let the Hall of Fame run it's course. It may take a little while. When it is done, your
      background music will be changed. 
      14. If you want to change it back, just let Prof. Oak rate your Pokedex. The music should then be
      back to normal. 
      WARNING- This trick may mess up and/or damage your game. It is very rare that this happens,
      but do not blame me if it does. Missingno was accidently created by a computer glitch while
      Nintendo was creating the game. They do not advise you to do this trick, but it is really cool if it
      works and it can be well worth it. Good Luck! 
      Submitted by weather11@uswest.net

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